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OWWF - Quo Vadis?

Maximilianeum Round as annual accounts


At the end of the year, the OWWF had invited to the "Maximilianeum Round" on 2 December in the Hofbräukeller to reflect on the year 2019 and to discuss the outlook for 2020. OWWF President Eberhard Sinner particularly welcomes Dr. Ernst Schmid from Salzburg, organizer of the DMRBW Donau-MacroRegionBusinessWeek. The Danube region is also one of OWWF's priorities, which is why we support the DMRBW project in close cooperation. Another guest is Jiri Burianek, former Secretary General of the Committee of the Regions of the European Commission in Brussels. Read more>

21219 Maxrunde 5

OWWF Business Forum Ukraine

The location Ukraine three years after the entry into force of the EU - Association Agreement

- new opportunities for the Bavarian economy?


This question was addressed by the OstWestWirtschaftsForum Bayern (OWWF) on 15 November 2019 as part of the Economic Forum Ukraine in the Bavarian Parliament. OWWF President Eber-hard Sinner, Parliament Vice President Wolfgang Heubisch (FDP) and Consul General Yurij Yarmilko introduced the event - all three confirmed the importance of Ukraine for Europe. Despite all the tensions, Ukraine is an important future market with high potential. Government Director Dr. Christoph Stöckle, Bavarian State Chancellery, was able to confirm this statement. Under the heading "Ukraine on the way to Europe" he outlined the increasing approchement between the EU and Ukraine, which has unfolded a new dynamic not least due to the conflict with Russia. An important step was the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine. Read more> and see further pictures in media>

Ukraine2019 Podium03


Air show with OWWF speakers


MUNICH - The Airtec19 aviation trade fair celebrated its premiere from 14 to 16 October with the focus on Urban Air Mobility. Among the speakers were also the OWWF board members Minister of State Bernd Sibler MdL and Bill Holler. Previously, a press conference was held at the Munich Press Club, to which OWWF representatives were also invited. Read more>



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