Harald Leupold


harald-leupoldHarald Leupold (64) has many years of management experience in medium-sized and group owned forwarding and logistics companies, especially at national and European level.


From 2001 to 2016, he was the sole managing director of Hafen Nürnberg-Roth GmbH, the operating company of the ports of Bavaria in Nuremberg and Roth. With an area of 337 hectares, more than 200 resident companies with 6,700 jobs and a total handling capacity of approx. 16 million tons p. a., bayernhafen Nürnberg is one of the most outstanding freight transport centres in Germany.


Since the beginning of 2017, Harald Leupold has been working as a freelancer and project consultant in the fields of strategy/location development, logistics, infrastructure and management (Consulting Services).


Within the scope of honorary functions he has been involved for many years as Vice President of the Nuremberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Central Franconia, as coordinator for the economic model of growth and employment (WaBe) of the European metropolitan region Nuremberg, in the logistics steering committee of the Center for Transportation & Logistics (C-NA), Nuremberg and as a member of the extended board of directors of the OstWestWirtschaftsForum Bayern eV (OWWF).


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