Meldung vom 9. April 2023


DUSMO gUG - Report 2022

German for Ukrainian refugees

The OWWF Bavaria gave start-up aid


After her flight from Odessa, the director of the "Bayerisches Haus" did not want to remain idle. The Bavarian House in Odessa, built by our board member Karl Walter with the support of the Bavarian Ministry of Social Affairs, is a centre for German courses, help for start-ups, health programmes and much more.

DUSMO German-Ukrainian School Munich - Odessa was founded as a non-profit company (gUG). The success was already remarkable in the first year, as can be seen in the 2022 report. OWWF Bavaria was initially able to help with office equipment.

Currently, there are already about 200 Ukrainians on the waiting list for the courses. Of course, this requires sufficient funding. As a non-profit organisation, DUSMO gUG is entitled to issue tax-deductible donation receipts. Please read the letter accompanying the annual report.



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