Gerhard Hermann visits Mayor of Eger

Meldung vom 31. August 2020

as member of the OWWF and of the Bavarian state board of the Paneuropa Union

Gerhard Hermann, a long-time member of the OWWF and member of the Bavarian state board of the Paneuropa Union, visits the mayor of the city of Cheb / Cheb, Mr. Mgr. Antonín Jalovec, in this capacity. Eger had to struggle with great difficulties in the years after the opening of the border. In the meantime, however, a positive development has taken place which has led to intensive contacts.


A visit to the former imperial city is worthwhile because of its numerous architectural monuments, especially the Imperial Castle, the Imperial Palace and the beautiful town square. Eger gained historical importance not least because of the assassination of the imperial commander Wallenstein in 1634 during the 30-year war.



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