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Meldung vom 17. October 2019

Maximilaneums Round with Bernd Posselt, former MEP, President Paneuropa-Union Germany



President Eberhard Sinner welcomed to this round a special guest of honour, the last still living founding member of the OstWestWirtschaftsClub Bayern, Honorary President Josef Döllner. Josef Döllner was able to build bridges to our neighbours in the East through his activities over decades, from which we still profit today.

In an exciting and extremely informative round of talks, we learned a lot of background information about what was going on in the EU from the "European veteran" Bernd Posselt MEP (retired). Posselt was able to chat about many events "out of the box" because he had been a member of the European Parliament since 1979 and cultivated friendly relations with many actors. Topics such as the necessary enlargement of the EU by the Balkan states, the EU's relations with Ukraine and above all the Brexit were also addressed. Bernd Posselt's remarks made many processes understandable and gave them new aspects.

The conclusion was clear: Europe needs a fresh start and must overcome national unilateralism. There are some areas, such as a common foreign policy and a common security policy for operations abroad, that make it necessary to abolish the unanimity rule that still exists in some areas.

Announcement of the event:

Restaurant Hofbräukeller at Wienerplatz, Maximimilianstube
Monday 4th November 2019, 11:00 - 13:00 o'clock
Bernd Posselt, former MEP, President Paneuropa-Union Germany

The Paneuropa Union was founded in 1922 and is thus the oldest still existing European unification movement. It had its historical headquarters in its central office in the Vienna Hofburg. The German President is Bernd Posselt, a former Member of the European Parliament. His background knowledge enables him to assess the further development of the European Union and Europe as a whole. Against the background of growing problems in world trade, this assessment is particularly important for the export-oriented German economy. The election of Ursula von der Leyen as Commission President gives Germany a strong voice in Europe. Can we use this to give the European idea greater prominence again?



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