Meeting at FOM University Nuremberg

Meldung vom 3. September 2018

with Prof. Dr. Franz Benker and Managing Director Rainer Schröder

Board member Bill Holler and Mrs. Yvonne Zienert met with the FOM representatives after a conversation between Prof. Benker and Managing Vicepresident Hermann Pönisch.


As a university for working people, FOM has a clearly defined educational mandate: to give working people an academic education without them having to give up their professional activity or education. In order to live up to this educational mission, students, teachers and teaching staff work together every day at FOM.


The gentlemen from FOM offered to hold OWWF events in the lecture halls. There are also lecture halls suitable for larger events. There is great interest in joint events. FOM is centrally located in Nuremberg, close to the Opera House.


Picture: from left R. Schröder, Y. Zienert, Prof. Benker



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