Iran - opportunities and risks for the Bavarian economy

Meldung vom 10. September 2018

Maximilianeum Round

Iran - opportunities and risks for the Bavarian economy


Mrs. Sara Adhami MA,

Entrepreneur and member of the board OWWF Bayern - Speaker Iran


"Iran - Opportunities and risks for the Bavarian economy"


Maximilian Round

Monday, 03. April 2017,11:00 o' clock

Landtagsrestaurant - Bavarian Room in Maximilianneum, Munich



Two quotes from Minister of State Ilse Aigner underline the positive perspectives:" Iran is about to open up and this phase should definitely be used by our companies" and during a delegation trip to Iran:" We have come to stay".


Ms. Adhami's professional knowledge and experience is complemented by her language, cultural and market knowledge and experience, enabling her to achieve a solid expert status.


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