Club Evening: The "Danube Macro Region Business Week" opens up new possibilities

Meldung vom 10. September 2018

Club Evening: Perspectives for the Danube Region

Club Evening: The "Danube Macro Region Business Week" opens up new possibilities

Report of the event:


Club evening "Donau Makro Region - Perspectives of Development":


Dr. Ernst Schmied, chairman of the conference "Danube Macro Region 2017", pointed out in his lecture that the importance of a "Macro Region Danube" goes far beyond the problem of navigability all year round. Almost 150 million people live in the macro-region, including Ukraine. The GNP of this region is approximately 10% of the US GNP, with great development opportunities. The importance of the Danube as a transport corridor is not least due to China's plan of the "New Silk Road - OBOR (One belt one roas)".

The economic development in the south-eastern European Danube countries requires the support of the developed Danube countries with know-how in all areas: from training to standard and quality compliant production to marketing and sales. This is the only way to create a buyer and seller market that will ultimately use the transport infrastructure again, which will then have to be expanded above all from an ecological point of view. Graphs in the following presentations show the development of recent years.


Harald Leupold, member of the Executive Board of OWWF, former Managing Director of the Port of Nuremberg-Roth, emphasized the importance of the macro-region, especially for Bavaria. In the port of Nuremberg-Roth, 80% of the tonnage in 2016 went to the Main/Rhine/North Sea and only 20% to the east. Here it is particularly important for Bavaria to position itself actively and to recognize and use the importance and opportunities of the macro-region.

Harald Laupold:"We must act, not react". He mentions the three markets of sales, purchasing and personnel, which can be put into practice very quickly. As examples, he counts on tourism (cruise ships on the Danube, but also health tourism to the east), automotive suppliers, waste management. In many areas, projects are supported by EU funds.

We have an economic stimulus package on our doorstep for many years, we just have to start with the practical implementation of projects.


Presentation Danbube - short>

Presentation Danube - long>



Announcement of the event:


Dr. Ernst Schmied

Chairman of the DMRBW 2017


Harald Leupold

Managing Director of Hafen Nürnberg-Roth GmbH until 2016

Board member of the OWWF for the Danube Region Department


Tuesday, 14.11.2017,19:00 hrs

Bavarian Parliament - Maximilianeum, Hall 3 (Old building, 1st floor)


At the beginning of October the Macro Danube Region Business Week took place in Vienna and Linz ( and the 6th EU Danube Strategy Forum in Budapest. We want to reflect on the results of both events and draw conclusions for our activities.


Further information can be found here in the invitation.



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