Factory tour at AUDI AG

Meldung vom 10. September 2018

Dr. Brian Rampp, Head of Political Affairs at AUDI AG, welcomed the 15-strong visitor group and gave a half-hour overview of the entire plant, the Ingolstadt site and in particular an outlook on efforts to develop zero-emission or emission-neutral engines.


AUDI researches and develops several concepts in parallel: optimization of the combustion engine, plug-in hybrid and fully electric drives. Audi's commitment to the development of sustainable CO2-based fuels, the Audi e-fuels, is unique in the world.

Audi is already proving today that it is possible to produce oil-independent fuels that emit exactly the same amount of carbon dioxide during their production as they release when they are burned. This results in a closed CO2 cycle - a basis for sustainable mobility without range restrictions.


During our visit to the Museum Mobile, we were given an insight into the history of Audi, from Horch and Auto Union to the current state of affairs. The subsequent inspection of the production showed the complete production of the vehicles from the car body production (level of automation over 90%) over the "wedding" up to the finished equipped car.


We would like to thank our hosts Dr. Brian Rampp and Achim Werner for an interesting and informative day.




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