Conference with Global Partners e.V.

Meldung vom 12. August 2020

Cooperation of GPB, OWWF, BHA and others


Global Partners Bayern e.V. had invited to a two-day retreat (16.-17.06.2020) in order to promote the structural expansion of the association, joint projects and a definition of interfaces to foreign trade organisations in Bavaria.

These topics were presented and discussed with participants from OWWF, BHA Bavaria International Health Association, Fraunhofer Institute Business Development, Neusta for Destination Marketing and LATAM IN VENTUM, among others, in a very lively and constructive round:

  • Presentation of current projects and structures of Global Partner Bayern e.V.
  • Digitalisation and future value creation
  • Introduction of Global Partners Business Solution, a digital cooperation platform
  • Interdisciplinary digitization between different actors, presented by the Fraunhofer Institute

In concrete terms, cooperation in the area of the digital cooperation platform, the Silk Road (outside Europe), Russia in the area of health, joint receptions of Eastern European delegations and economic projects were discussed.



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