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airtec19 - Aerospace meets Automotive

Meldung vom 1. January 1970

October 14 – 16,  2019 MTC Munich - with OWWF board members Bernd Sibler (Bavarian Minister of Culture) and Bill Holler

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October 14 – 16,  2019 MTC Munich • Ingolstädter Str. 45 + 47 | Taunusstr. 45

OWWF members are offered a 25% discount to attend the conference: To benefit from this discount, please use the following access code: 25OFF_AT19 This access code can be redeemed under: http://airtec.aero/tickets-and-prices/ 

Airtec19 is approaching | New challenges. New technologies. Exciting times in aerospace.  Airtec19 - Enabling Future Mobility - Aerospace meets Automotive - has adapted to the trends in aerospace – autonomous flight, air taxi, urban air mobility - with an enhanced, future-oriented concept: it brings together global aerospace and automotive players and links with this concept the traditional aerospace industry and the new future mobility, as well as new technologies in aerospace and automotive. Airtec19 

Trailer: https://youtu.be/XZQeF9QbjgQ

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