Minister of State Joachim Herrmann, MdL at the OWWF Bavaria

Meldung vom 3. September 2018

President Eberhard Sinner, former Minister of State, retired, was delighted with the high Visit to the Ministry of Finance and Home Affairs in Nuremberg together with the of top-class visitors.


Herrmann spoke about security policy issues that are currently of particular interest to him. "Digitization is changing our world massively. It permeates almost all areas of life, offers a wide range of opportunities for the economy, the state and society. However, the opportunities are also associated with major risks and dangers across the street."


The cyber attacks make it clear that the risks of digitalization are very high and 
have to be taken seriously. Bavaria has already had a special focus in recent years on the following areas of the fight against cybercrime. Since 2011, Bavaria has been training IT detectives and further specialists are being trained. In the meantime, successes have already been achieved.


The more sensitive citizens are about their own data, the less cyber criminals have a chance. Industrial espionage increasingly makes small and medium-sized enterprises big problems. "Unfortunately, the dangers are still often not recognised or underrated. The Free State of Bavaria supports companies in combating

spying and sabotage." A funding programme is in place.


Minister of State Herrmann states during his very interesting presentation:"Bavaria stands for a strong state! Bavaria stands for security through strength."


Minister of State Joachim Herrmann addressed many other issues, which the visitors have taken agreeing notice of and which led to a lively discussion.


President Eberhard Sinner concluded by saying: a highly interesting and  informative evening!




Picture from left:

Vice President Uwe Lamann, Richard Heindl, Minister of State Joachim Herrmann, President Eberhard Sinner, Vice President Hermann Pönisch



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