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DanubeMacroRegionBusinessWeek DMRBW in Vienna

Meldung vom 1. January 1970

08 to 13 October 2018


"Open borders in the Danube region from the Black Forest to the Black Sea are the basis for the success of the Danube Strategy in the 14 countries from the Black Forest to the Black Sea" Eberhard Sinner explained for the OstWestWirtschaftsForum Bayern on the occasion of the DanubeMacroRegionBusinessWeek DMRBW in Vienna.

With a GDP of almost € 600 billion, Bavaria is the engine and beneficiary of this strategy. Erwin Huber MdL, Chairman of the Economic Committee of the Bavarian State Parliament, named three factors for Bavaria's economic success in his keynote speech:

  • the European Single Market
  • the Euro
  • the innovative strength of medium-sized businesses.

"With these framework conditions, Bavaria is not only globally competitive, but also a leader in important high-tech fields," stated Huber. The European macro-region Danube wants to network worldwide.

Harald Leupold, OWWF board member responsible for the Danube region, emphasized Nuremberg's role as a port and end point of the 21st century Silk Road rail link for the Danube region. "We need the railways and the waterways in the trans-European network to the east and to the Mediterranean ports on the Adriatic," said Leupold. This results in enormous savings in transport times. This means a sustainable improvement in the economy, ecology and competitiveness of the locations in the Danube region.

Participants from China and Russia opened up interesting perspectives for networking with the Black Sea region and the OneRoad-OneBelt project of the silk roads of the 21st century.

"In the next legislative period, the Danube Strategy must become a focal point of Bavarian state policy. Bavarian universities and companies must be won even more strongly for the implementation of innovations in the Danube region", Eberhard Sinner demanded as a result of the talks and meetings in Vienna.