China's industrial policy harms Germany

Meldung vom 12. January 2023


The whole world is benefiting from China's economic boom, or so the Chinese leadership claims.


A study by Prognos AG commissioned by our member vbw - Vereinigung der Bayerischen Wirtschaft e. V. (Bavarian Business Association) clearly shows the negative effects on Germany as a business location.

vbw Managing Director Bertram Brossardt: "It is to be feared that global demand for products 'Made in Germany' will decline." The Chinese strategy 'Made in China 2025' is trying to become independent of improtes in many future sectors with a mixture of pressure on foreign companies and support for the domestic economy. What is particularly annoying about this is that China does not always play fair.

Read the article on the vbw homepage and the study by Prognos AG.



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