Quo Vadis Europe 2019

Meldung vom 13. January 2019

Maximilianeum Round - Kick-off event with the Consular Corps


Europe needs your voice


OWWF President Eberhard Sinner addressed this appeal on 04.02.2019 to the Consular Corps, which was invited to the event "Quo Vadis Europe". The OstWestWirtschaftsForum Bayern sees 2019 as a fateful year for Europe. Our project Europe claims that European values play a role in globalisation, that European goods and services find worldwide markets and that Europe is a growing zone of peace, freedom and justice.


No European country alone can assert this claim for the citizens of Europe worldwide. Nationalism threatens this claim both internally and externally. Europe-hostile parties in all member states of the European Union are fighting for the national solo attempts of past centuries. Nationalistic preachers of salvation such as Steve Bannon, former chief advisor to Donald Trump, are driving wedges between the European peoples in order to reduce European influence and expand their own dominance. The nationalists use all means of manipulation, demagogy and propaganda to achieve their goal.


We Europeans decide for ourselves whether we are players or balls in the global arena. If the citizens surrender to nationalism, then others determine the game. None of the promises of the nationalists and "enemies of Europe" will be fulfilled.


The Brexit shows how populism eats its children and what short legs the lies of the Leavers have. The European elections on 26 May 2019 need citizens' votes for Europe. A strong voice of Europe in the world consists of many individual voices of the citizens, who clearly reject the nationalists.


The OstWestWirtsaftsForum Bayern calls on all citizens to take responsibility for Europe and to ensure that Europe remains our future through a high turnout. Building new bridges into the future and overcoming the barriers of past centuries has brought us the reunification of Europe since 1989. Never before in the history of Europe have people had more life chances, more self-realisation and more peace than in the past 30 years. It is time to wake up and fight for these European goals!



Announcement of the event:

Protectionism, trade wars and isolation are not the means that lead to better coexistence and open up new perspectives for the future. Social networks and the Internet connect people without borders in the World Wide Web. But the tone and statements in the political discussion are increasingly dominated by exclusion, at least when you look at the headlines in the media. What can we do to preserve old bridges and build new ones? First and foremost, this includes encounters, the exchange of ideas and direct dialogue with one another. We therefore cordially invite you to the 2019 kick-off round of our Monday Meetings, in which we want to talk to the representatives of the Consular Corps about Europe's future.


Hofbräukeller Restaurant at Wienerplatz

Maximilian tube

Monday, 4 February 2019, 11:00 - 13:00 o'clock



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