OWWF for fast implementation of CETA

Meldung vom 3. September 2018

Free trade helps the countries of Central and Eastern Europe in particular

"The same applies to CETA and TTIP: we have to think outside the box,"said former State Minister Eberhard Sinner, President of the OstWirtschaftsForum Bayern (OWWF). While Germany's population and parts of the political community are opposed to free trade agreements with Canada and the USA, smaller EU states in particular would benefit enormously in Central and Eastern Europe. Without these agreements, it would be difficult for small economies in particular to obtain individual agreements. But the export-oriented Bavarian economy in particular would also benefit from the agreement,"said Sinner.


About half of the per capita income in Bavaria depends directly or indirectly on foreign trade. The OWWF therefore hopes that the agreement with Canada can now be implemented quickly.


The OWWF and its predecessor organisations have been committed to free trade for over 40 years. "During the Cold War, we were already committed to trade across the Iron Curtain,"says Sinner. It is therefore incomprehensible that an agreement with a country like Canada is now threatening to fail. CETA opens up new market opportunities for the European export industry and eliminates unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles. This benefits our medium-sized businesses in particular. At the same time, the protection standards in force in the EU are maintained in all areas. Even higher standards of protection can be introduced in the future.


"A good, ambitious and at the same time well-balanced agreement has been negotiated with Canada, which will serve as a blueprint for further EU trade agreements,"said the Minister of Economic Affairs.


CETA is a clear improvement on all previous agreements.



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