Meldung vom 17. August 2022

Monday, 19 September 2922
Hofbräukeller, 11.00 - 13:00


Maximilianeum Roundtable
Here's to a new one!

Monday, 19 September 2922
Hofbräukeller at Wiener Platz, Munich
11.00 - 13:00

We start with a discussion round. Over the past decades, we have built up relationships with Ukraine, Russia and China. It is important to use these to help, to pass on objective information and food for thought.
Nobody would have believed that the OWWF would have to remember its function from the time of the Cold War again: since our foundation in 1968, we have been the mediators in the background between official bodies of both sides that could not or were not allowed to talk to each other officially. In this way, we were able to promote mutual understanding and also help many people in their personal distress.
We would be happy to discuss with you what suggestions you think would be useful in this regard.

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For your information, here are two interesting links:

Interview with Russian sociologist Boris Kagarlitzki
"Putin has failed"
What is the strategy behind Putin's attack on Ukraine? None at all, says Russian sociologist Boris Kagarlitzki. He explains in a JACOBIN interview how unstable the Kremlin's power really is and what this means for the Russian left.

The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is a website and document server for the rapid dissemination of research papers in the social sciences, humanities, humanities and economics.
"Business withdrawal and sanctions cripple the Russian economy"
Summary with link to the complete study (118 pages)



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