Lehrfabrik and Lean 4.0 Lab

Meldung vom 10. September 2018

Company visit at CETPM

Lehrfabrik and Lean 4.0 Lab


on Wednesday, 21.03.2018 at 18:00 hrs


at the


Hochschule Ansbach


Institut an der Hochschule

Schernberg 34

91567 Herrieden / Landkreis Ansbach





The CETPM is an institute at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, located on the Herrieden Campus. It is the leading training institution in Total Productive Management, Lean Management and Operational Excellence.


The core of the Institute's mission is to train employees from companies and organisations in such a way that they can independently drive forward operational improvements. An important tool for this is the CETPM training factory. With the Lehrfabrik, an innovative training centre has been set up which is almost unique in the world in this form.


The Lehrfabrik is a model production plant with real machines and genuine products, in which principles and tools from the area of Operational Excellence are taught. In the training factory, production processes can be observed on real machines and workplaces, and the effects of improvements can be experienced and "grasped". A Lean 4.0 Lab was also set up at the newly built Campus Herrieden, where key aspects of Lean Management in conjunction with Industry 4.0 will be demonstrated using practical examples.



1. greeting and introduction by our President or Vice-President

2. welcoming Prof. Dr. Constantin May, Akdemischer Director of CETPM

3. presentation of the CETPM and visit of the training factory and Lean 4.0 Lab

4th round of talks

5. small get together


Registration at nuernberg@owwf.bayern



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