Rossoschka Peace Chapel is inaugurated

Meldung vom 1. January 1970

A monument to peace on the battlefield of Stalingrad, which unites the graves of Soviet and German soldiers. More information about sponsoring can be found on the following links:


Eberhard Sinner, 7, September 2016, Rossoschka Volgograd

Ambassador Rüdiger von Fritsch,
Director Sergei Netschaev,
Governor Alexander Dorschdeev and representative of the city and the Volgograd region
President Markus Meckel and representatives of all civil society organisations
Bishop Dr. Walter Mixa, Metropolitan German Timofeyev, Dean Matthias Heimer, Probst Oleg Kirichenko and all representatives of the clergy
Michael Glos and Werner Schmid for all sponsors,
Russian and German friends,


Three years ago, on 7 September 2013, we laid the foundation stone for the Peace Chapel. Since then, there have been a few days of remembrance that have recalled the Battle of Stalingrad. In the last year 70 years end of World War II. This was also the occasion for the meeting of Foreign Ministers Lavrov and Steinmeier here in Rossoschka. Both have taken over the patronage for the inauguration of the Peace Chapel. This year we remember that 75 years ago, Adolf Hitler started the war of aggression against the Soviet Union with the "Barbarossa Company". This was widely reported in the media. That's why those who don't want to remember what happened back then had to remember. 27 million Soviet citizens were killed by Germans, and even more people suffered terrible suffering. All of Europe was wrecked.


Russia is thinking of the dead of the world war on 9 May during the march of the "Immortal Regiment". Millions participate. We also laid wreaths at the memorial today and bowed before the victims of Stalingrad. But it would be too short a time to reduce Stalingrad to the mass grave of Europe.


Stalingrad became a hope for Europe, because it was the turning point that made freedom and peace in Europe possible in the years and decades after World War II. A process that has not yet been completed.


Volgograd is also the future for Europe. In September 2012 Volgograd was awarded the European flag of the Council of Europe. Russian soldiers parade on the Volga shore with the European flag in front of thousands of enthusiastic Volgograd who waved European flags, Europe needs flag bearers, not deserters, especially here today.


The Chapel of Peace is the European House on the battlefield of Stalingrad. A symbol of the shared values. An open platform that invites everyone and does not exclude anyone. The crosses have a different form, but a common message: peace on earth.


Today is a day of thanksgiving.


We thank Christian Holtz

He is 

of the Peace Chapel.


We thank Jürgen von Reuß

As an architect, he has convincingly compacted

To the message of peace.


We would like to thank Vladimir Ivashenkov, who, together with his people, realized the plans of the Peace Chapel in record time and with solid craftsmanship.


The work praises the masters Ivashkov and von Reuß.


We thank the sponsors who are present today.

The Knob Group represented by Michael Glos
The company STEGO represented by Werner Schmid
The Schäfflergroup represented by Mikhail Volkov
Represented by the president Markus Meckel

It would have to be an honour for every German company doing business in Russia to stand on the sponsor's board in Rossoschka.


  • Building bridges from barriers
  • Bringing people together in difficult times to talk instead of silence
  • Forging friendships instead of guns.

We have made friends in Volgograd. On behalf of many people I mention Juri Starovatikh, former mayor, who welcomed us with open arms and open heart.

I hope that the Chapel of Peace in Rososshka will carry the message of Our Lady of Stalingrad, formulated in the darkest times of this city, both here and far beyond:


The world no longer needs anything.


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