Seminar "Bavaria - Ukraine"

Meldung vom 10. September 2018

Reception at the Consulate General of Ukraine

Reception at the Consulate General of Ukraine

On the last day of their stay, the Ukrainian student group was received at the Consulate General of Ukraine.


The implementation of the seminar in cooperation with the values alliance democracy, the Bavarian Landschool Association and the OWWF was primarily incumbent on our member Dr. Jürgen Stammberger (managing director of the Landschulheimverband) and our board member Karl Walter, head of the Bavarian House in Odessa. The group was welcomed by the acting Consul General and Consul General Oleksandr Prokopenko and Gf. VP Hermann Pönisch on behalf of OWWF.

In addition to the presentation of the tasks of the Consulate General, there was also a lively debate on the course and content of the 14-day seminar. The students and the management of the group praised the course of events.

In a small circle, it was considered that the experiences gained with this first seminar could be used as a basis for further such offers also for other countries.





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