Shaping globalisation through free trade

Meldung vom 10. September 2018

TTIP and CETA - with Tobias Winkler, Director of the Information Office of the European Parliament

TTIP and CETA are the focus of public interest. The parliaments discuss, the opponents demonstrate. The European internal market is based on free trade. There are already many free trade agreements in the European Union - to the benefit of jobs and investment in all Member States. Other players in the global markets are also negotiating free trade agreements. It also decides who sets the standards of tomorrow, the USA and China or the EU and the USA. The heated discussion of the last few days, which has been going on in the agitation mode between chlorinated chicken and democratic deficits, often overlooks what is important for the global competitiveness of European values and products. Also by negotiating global conditions. Those who do not act will be treated and must accept the standards negotiated by others. We want to discuss this with Tobias Winkler at our next club evening.


Maximilianeum, Munich Room 3,19h

Tobias Winkler
Director of the Information Office of the European Parliament



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