China 2025 - Experts talk

Meldung vom 10. September 2018

Club Evening Nuremberg

China 2025 - Experts talk


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Expert discussion on the opportunities and risks for German companies in this largest single market in the world.


Speakers: Bill Holler - OWWF China Expert and Ping Yao-Müller


Nuremberg club evening on Thursday, 22.02.2018,18:00 hours

at the OWWF office Zirkelschmiedegasse 4,90402 Nuremberg

Please register by email at .



With approximately 1.4 billion people, internationally successful companies, a developing middle class and increasingly innovative companies, China is now on the way to becoming the world's leading economic power.

The Chinese government wants this goal to be achieved by 2025. For many German companies, China has become essential as an important sales market. Despite some increasing difficulties, cooperation between German and Chinese companies continues to be established.


China is turning the Silk Road of the 21st century into its flagship project. The land route to China would also be much shorter for Bavaria and Nuremberg than the sea route. While "Made in Germany" used to stand for the outstanding quality of German products,"Industrie 4.0" has become a synonym for German innovation. This means that German companies are playing an important role in the further expansion of China's industry.


Mr. Bill Holler - member of the OWWF Executive Board responsible for China. He has been working successfully for years in Jinan, the capital of the Bavarian partner province of Shandong. He is also a sought-after speaker in China on topics related to "Industry 4.0" and aviation industry topics.

Mrs. Ping Yao-Müller was born in China and has been living in Nuremberg for many years and has a consulting company.



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