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Overcoming borders, improving prosperity

Meldung vom 1. January 1970

OWWC and DOM (Deutsches Ostforum München) decide to merge to form OstWestWirtschaftsforum Bayern "At a time when borders in Europe are once again in focus, we want to make a contribution to cross-border cooperation".

At a time when borders in Europe are moving back into focus, we want to make a contribution to cross-border cooperation," declared the President of the Ost West Wirtschaftsclub Bayern (OWWC), former Minister of State Eberhard Sinner at the joint annual meeting of the OWWC and the German East Forum Munich (DOM). The Bavarian border regions had also profited massively from the fall of the Iron Curtain 25 years ago. OWWC Vice President, State Secretary Bernd Sibler (CSU) also pointed out that growth in the Bavarian border region was higher than in comparable border regions. Until 1989 the Bavarian border region was "at the end of the world", today it lies in the "heart of Europe" according to the Deggendorf member of parliament. This was particularly evident in the labour market. "In 1978, the Bavarian Forest had a winter unemployment rate of 40 percent in some cases, today we have almost full employment," Sibler noted.


"We also want to actively support this positive experience from our region in other European regions," explained Sinner. Jiri Burjanek, Secretary General of the European Committee of the Regions: "The EU not only supported regional cooperation in the EU, but also the regions of the so-called "Eastern Partnership" countries, in particular through the European Investment Bank (EIB). Once again, the Danube region plays a central role here". "Regional cooperation must not be limited to the immediate neighbourhood", said the former head of the Bavarian State Chancellery. The OWWC also supports local initiatives in Bulgaria and Russia. "The OWWC thus continues the tradition of its founding in the 1960s, when the aim was to establish regional cooperation between Bavaria and the then CSSR during the Cold War," said Sinner.


At the joint annual meeting, OWWC and DOM decided to merge to form Ost West Wirtschaftsforum Bayern. The aim was to join forces and thus promote the interests of the Bavarian economy. Former Minister of State Eberhard Sinner becomes president of the new association.



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