Reception of Consular Corps in Munich

Meldung vom 3. September 2018

Following a good tradition, the OstWestWirtschaftsForum Bayern invited the members of the Consular Corps represented in Bavaria to a reception.


Due to reconstruction measures in the Bavarian parliament, the reception could not take place in the Maximilianeum. We moved to the Maximilianstube in the Hobräukeller at Wiener Platz, where all the Maximilian rounds scheduled for this year will take place.


President Eberhard Sinner welcomed a large number of diplomats present. He presented the OstWestWestWestschaftsForum Bayern, which emerged from the merger between the OstWestWirstschaftsClub Bayern and the Deutsches Ostforum München, and reported on the projects in accordance with our motto:"Building bridges out of barriers".


The report on the construction of the Rossoschka Peace Chapel was of particular interest.


In view of the presentation by President Eberhard Sinner, there were numerous discussions between and with the diplomats. In general, there is a great desire for close contacts with the OWWF Bayern.



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