Company Visit: Radio Arabella Munich

Meldung vom 3. September 2018

The invitation to the company's visit to Radio Arabella was very well received, so we could not consider all registrations.


The tour of the station in the Munich Press House began with a welcome speech by the Managing Director, Mr. Roland Schindelorz. The programme manager, Mrs. Frankziska Strobl and the head of the event and communication department explained the programme structure and the contact with the listeners. Radio Arabella offers with its event department the complete organization of events.

The station reaches an average of 100,000 listeners a day in Munich and its surrounding area, with the strongest frequency in the morning. The tour of the station was very interesting, from the online department to the editorial office, the broadcasting room, recording studios and the music archive. A Munich snack with Weißwuersten formed the conclusion of this visit arranged by Prof. Hermann Mayer.


The pictures show the attentive audience during the introductory explanations.



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