Belgrade - OWWF Bayern Member of the Board of Directors Dipl. -Pol. Dragana Stojic, our correspondent for the Balkan countries, took part in the Vienna Economic Forum.

Meldung vom 3. September 2018

At the invitation of the Vienna Economic Forum, with which the OWWF Bayern will shortly sign a contract for close cooperation (see separate announcement), our board member Dipl. -Pol. Dragana Stojic, our correspondent for the Balkans, participated at


Vienna Economic Forum VEF

"For joint activities in the Balkans region"
under the patronage of Jean-Claude Juncker President of the European Commission

Belgrade 21 - 22 May 2017


The Vienna Economic Forum and the Serbian Association of Economists, under the patronage of Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, organised the Vienna Economic Forum.

"Vienna Economic Talks - Belgrade Meeting 2017" at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia brought together high-ranking representatives and visionaries from business, politics and diplomacy from the region, Europe and other continents.

At the Belgrade Meeting 2017, Vienna Economic Talks focused on three topics:
the responsibility of regional integration - the need for regional cooperation on the European way - the promotion of regional investment opportunities.

More than 200 companies from 19 countries took part, representing a wide range of public figures, institutions and organisations. The participants came not only from Europe, but also from other continents.

The Secretary General of the VEF, Dr. Elena Kirtcheva, former Ambassador, honoured the President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Cadez with a special award for the necessary preparatory activities.

Only joint action by the regional economy can improve competitiveness and strengthen the region's economy. Every contact between companies in the Western Balkans contributes to the development of the region as a whole. Talks with the Western Balkans are to be organised several times a year.


Companies from the region have a natural interest in cooperating with partners and creating new mechanisms to consolidate and develop contacts. The common objective of Europe and the region as a whole must be to facilitate greater regional cooperation, increase opportunities for regional investment and speed up the EU's path. With concrete steps towards greater economic integration of the region, many recommendations have been made to governments.

An investment platform for the Western Balkans will be presented at a meeting in Trieste on 12 July as part of the Berlin Process. Investors will be able to find all the information about legislation, subsidies, investment opportunities, sectors and potential partners locally.



Report: Dipl. -Pol. Dragana Stojic




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