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Meldung vom 3. September 2018

OWWF board member Bill Holler receives Friendship Award

On 5 September 2017, OWWF board member Bill Holler received a special award from the government of the capital of Shandong, China. The Qancheng Friendship Award recognizes personalities who have made a special contribution to the development of this metropolis.

Bill Holler has been active in China for years and has successfully supported the establishment of a company in Jinan, capital of the province of Shandong, in the aerospace industry.


The growth market of China is particularly important for the international aviation industry. It was therefore a great success for the 8 million city of Jinan to locate another aviation supplier here.

After the first phase was successfully completed and the Chinese market is supplied with fasteners "German Quality - made in Jinan", the next expansion stage will be realized in a few days. In the future, not only will aircraft Fasteners be produced in a huge new building, it is also planned to install a special technology centre there together with a Bavarian TOP 50 company. This "TTC4.0" technology centre, which will focus on additive manufacturing technology, is designed to supply the demanding Chinese aviation industry and other industries with highly innovative products.

In addition to the aviation industry, Bill Holler has also specialised in a completely different area for which there is much greater demand in China. These are probiotic products used in agriculture, animal husbandry and the environment. After the Chinese government has given special importance to environmental protection, clean air and healthy food within the current 5-year plan, the demand for new methods is particularly high.

With the method of Effective Microorganisms from Multikraft, for which Bill Holler now holds the exclusive distribution rights for China, many of the chemicals and pesticides used there as well as the medicines used in animal husbandry can be drastically reduced. These Effective Microorganisms help nature to restore its original balance and natural cycles. Healthy foodstuffs on healthy soils will then also have a great future in China.

Now that the government of Jinan is following these developments with great interest, Bill Holler from Neumarkt has been given the special honour of receiving the Qancheng Friendship Award. Accompanied by his wife Annett Holler, he was able to receive this award from the Governing Mayor Wang Zhonglin at a ceremony with numerous guests.


Interview Jinan TV >



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