Chinese company GREE at the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs

Meldung vom 3. September 2018

Industry 4.0 and innovative air conditioning technology

At the mediation of our Gf. Vice President Hermann Pönisch two high-ranking managers of the company GREE from Zhuhai, Mr. Guo Jun HUANG, General Manager, and Mr. Billy PENG, Technical Director and Head of Marketing could hold a discussion in the Ministry of Economics. GREE is the world's largest manufacturer of air conditioners, has nearly 100,000 employees and a turnover of approximately 200 billion euros.

Gree is not yet represented as a private brand in Europe and is looking for contacts to establish its own production and marketing.

The discussion was attended by Undersecretary Dr. Markus Wittmann, Head of the Internationalization and Industry Department, Ms. Svetlana Huber, Head of the Investor Services Department, Mr. Andreas Fischer, Manager Investor Services, and our member Mario Bock, who supervised the gentlemen in Germany, and Gf. Vice President Hermann Pönisch.

Mr Huang and Mr Peng first introduced the business fields of GREE. They cited the development of new storage technologies for storing hydrogen as a relatively new area, as the batteries currently produced for use in buses and trucks are at the end of their development possibilities. A production facility is to be set up in Germany for this purpose.

Further areas are IT, in particular project software for production control ("Industry 4.0"), electronic components and molding.

In the discussion, which Dr. Wittmann conducted partly in Chinese, the various possibilities and advantages of a settlement in Bavaria were pointed out. Examples of the more than 300 Chinese companies already operating in Bavaria were also presented. The guests from Zhuhai/China were highly interested and want to express concrete wishes in the course of May.

At the end of the conversation, the guests asked whether it was possible to visit BMW on the same day. Mr. Pönisch was able to realize this wish, so that the gentlemen received a private tour of the BMW plant in Munich. They were deeply impressed by the complex organization.
Afterwards we invited the Chinese guests for a coffee at the Olympiaturm and afterwards for dinner at the Restaurant Hirschau in the English Garden.

In this round, both gentlemen emphasized that they are aware of the advantages of Bavaria and that the Chairman of the Board, Ms. Mingzhu DONG, has already communicated this.




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