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Bavaria and Shandong deepen their economical Cooperation

Meldung vom 1. January 1970

The new Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs Hubert Aiwanger with OWWF Board Member Bill Holler and Prof. Dr. Klaus Schilling.


The Chinese province of Shandong, with a population of 105 million, has maintained intensive cooperation with the Free State of Bavaria for more than 30 years. This cooperation in the fields of business, science and education has been extremely successful for both sides.


On 13 November 2018, a high-ranking government delegation headed by Shandong's Governor Gong Zheng came to Munich. First, Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder received the head of government in the State Chancellery, then he went on to the Bavarian Court. There a conference with over 300 participants from economy and politics took place, at which several project contracts for the further economic co-operation were closed.


The Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs Huber Aiwanger, who had just been promoted to office, also used this opportunity for his first public official act. In his welcoming speech, he referred to the good and trusting relations between the two sides and recalled the successes already achieved. The opportunities for cooperation are now also open to small and medium-sized enterprises. The necessary conditions have been created both on the Chinese side and for us.


The Neumarkt entrepreneur Bill Holler, who is also a member of the board of the OWWF (OstWestWirtschaftsforum), was congratulated by Minister Aiwanger on his recent award to Shandong Province. Only two weeks ago, Bill Holler received the highest award a foreigner can receive in Shandong in Weihai (Shandong). The "Qilu Friendship Award" was presented to him together with Prof. Dr. Klaus Schilling (University of Würzburg) for his services in promoting joint economic relations in the aerospace sector.



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