A time of crisis in Turkey - a reliable PARTNER for the economy

Meldung vom 10. September 2018

Maximilianeums Round: Kemal Kaya, Managing Director EXUV Verein Munich 

Graduate Industrial Engineer (FH) Kemal Kaya, managing director of EXUV eV, Munich, an association for entrepreneurs in Bavaria with a migration background, reports on the current political and economic situation in Turkey, on the problems of Turkish citizens living here, on President Erdogan's actions against government-critical companies and minorities such as Kurds and Alevis and on entrepreneurs who are therefore fleeing Turkey.


Maximillianeum Round

State Parliament restaurant, Bavarian Room, Maximilianeum

Monday, 6 March 2017,11:00 hrs, 6 March 2017



Please register at info@owwf.bayern



OWWF Bavaria




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