Myanmar - unknown country: A first-hand report by Nadja Grzersik

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Myanmar is a white spot on the map for many. The country hit the headlines with the abdication of the military government after the parliamentary elections and the (partial) transfer of power to Nobel Peace Prize winner and Prime Minister Aung San Suu Kyi.


The persecution and expulsion of the Rohingyas, a Muslim ethnic group by the military, brought negative headlines. Many fled to the poverty-stricken neighbouring country Bangladesh, the problem remains virulent to this day.


Nadja Grzesik was a volunteer of the programme 'kulturweit' (supported by the German UNESCO Commission and the Federal Foreign Office) in Yangon (Rangoon) for six months. There she worked at the Deutsche Welle Akademie (a media development organization).


Nadja Grzesik
Myanmar - Eyewitness report
Hofbräukeller on Wiener Platz, Maximiliansstube
Monday, 2 July 2018, 11:00 h - 13:00 h


Fairytale-like, unique, beautiful - since Myanmar opened after decades of isolation by the military dictatorship, the region is now booming as a popular destination in Southeast Asia. The numerous pagoda landscapes, impressive mountain and river landscapes as well as growing metropolises like Yangon attract more and more tourists to the multi-ethnic state, which was formerly also called Burma. For six months I lived and worked as a "culture-wide" volunteer in Yangon and had the chance to get to know and love the country. In my lecture I would like to share my personal experiences with you and invite you on a virtual journey to the "golden land".