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IRAN - Expert Sara Adhami


Bridge Expert is a German-Iranian consulting firm based in Munich, Tehran and Kerman.


The managing director Sara Adhami comes from a Germanic family of entrepreneurs with roots in the Ruhr area. As a business economist, she has already gained extensive international experience in project management at Siemens and the Austrian Consulate General in Munich.


The opening up of the Iranian markets after the fall of the sanctions was accompanied at an early stage by it for German companies with a broad network of companies and experts in Iran.


Ms. Adhami's professional knowledge and experience are complemented by her language, cultural and market knowledge of both cultures, enabling her to achieve a solid expert status and a successful implementation of her corporate mission.

The economic relations in the nuclear dispute and the lifting of sanctions represent a new start for relations between these two countries. For German companies, this means placing themselves on the spot and participating from the outset. Iran is the country that offers German entrepreneurs space for new but also well-tried potentials, business and sales opportunities.


For the (re-)entry into the Iranian market, Mrs. Adhami can support you with her experience and know-how in the following areas:


  • Market entry opportunities / market opportunities
  • market analysis
  • Recruitment and Recruiting
  • As well as lectures on the topic:
    • What you need to know to work in Iran
    • The people and customs
    • Intercultural training
    • Personnel consulting in Iran


All lectures and trainings are specially tailored to your event, your wishes and your target group. Enthusiasm and sustainability are guaranteed.

These experiences, supplemented by cultural know-how, not only open up access, but also guarantee a professionally competent view of the Iranian market and thus make Bridge Expert the right partner for your Iranian business.


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