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Dr. Olga Zinovieva

President of the Society "Russia - Germany"

Zinoviev 395


Dr. Olga Zinovieva is a prominent Russian public figure. She is the wife and companion of the great Russian thinker, philosopher, logician, sociologist, writer and citizen Alexander Zinoviev. Since 1978, she has been a long-standing participant in the initiative to protect emigrants from the countries of the former Soviet Union. Together with her husband she got to know the difficulties of her 21 years (1978-1999) of exile in Munich.

She is active as:

  • Co-Chairwoman of the MIA "Rossiya Segodnya" Zinoviev Club
  • Director of the Alexander Zinoviev Biographical Institute
  • Editor-in-chief of "Zinoviev" magazine
  • Head of the international "A. A. Zinoviev Science and Education Center" at the Lomonossov Moscow State University
  • Head of the Chinese-Russian Alexander Zinoviev Research Center at Dalian Maritime University in China
  • Leader of the "Citizens" project of the "United Russia" party (on an impartial basis)
  • Member of the Russian Steering Committee of the Petersburg Dialogue Forum
    Member of the Board of Trustees of the magazines "Russian Regions" and "Union of Nationalities".


Dr. Zinovieva has written more than a hundred articles (selected articles have been published in her first book "One Way Out") and regularly participates in interviews, television broadcasts and other mass media formats in Russia and abroad.

She is also very active in the fields of art and artistic promotion, including as Vice President of the International Piano Competition "Europa-Asia" (founded in 2003) and producer of the ballet "Schrei" (after her husband's novel "Go to Golgotha").

Since 2016, Dr. Olga Zinovieva has been president of the company "Russia - Germany".

Honorary titles

  • Full member of the International Slavic Academy of Sciences, Education, Arts and Culture, Moscow (2016)
  • Honorary Professor at Dalian Maritime University, China (2017).


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